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The following literature is available as published booklets, many of these booklets have pdf files available for immediate reference and download.





Latter Rain Magazine Index

A quarterly publication with various articles dealing with Christian Israelite issues. The magazine has articles of general Christian interest, children's articles and puzzles, vegetarian recipes, etc.
A short look at some of the beliefs of the Christian Israelite Church - 60 pages.
Over 200 questions and answers on the faith and doctrine of the Christian Israelite Church
A collection of frequently asked questions about the faith and doctrine of the Christian Israelite Church - 30 pages
A short account of the Faith and Doctrines of the Christian Israelite Church. Printed in 1961 from the original that had been published at Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire. The booklet was written by Harold Wood - 33 pages
The Commandment of the Law and Testimony which outlines the Three Dispensations (the six thousand years) and the Laws of God as given by the Prophets.
12 Sermons given to John Wroe on pertinent Scripture passages - 60 pages. Available pdf files for study purposes, and audio files for listening.
A series of articles on the faith, background and doctrines of the Christian Israelite Church as published in the Church magazine "Notes from our Church Organ" between January, 1981 and July, 1982. The articles are intended to encourage and inspire people ot make a further study in the faith and teachings of the Christian Israelite Church.




Doctrinal Articles

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This booklet presents a brief history about the Christian Israelite Church in Australia, particularly in the mid to late 1800's. Published in the 150th year of the life of Sydney Christian Israelite Sanctuary, this booklet gives a brief overview of the impact the Christian Israelite Church had and is still having in Australian society.




An Abridgement covering a period of two years of the teachings of John Wroe, who by Divine Command was sent as a Prophet and missionary to the Nations.




Extracts from the Teachings of John Wroe 1855-1856





Life Immortal


A short account of the Faith and Doctrines of the Christian Israelite Church.
A newspaper article printed in the "Dunolly Express", dated 22nd November, 1892.




Who & What are the Christian Israelites?




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